Understanding interactions and competition over rock lobster resource access, Tasman Peninsula Grant uri icon


  • This study has confirmed the notion of inter-sectoral competition in inshore waters, and in particular around key access points. It is however, identified some key differences in spatial and temporal usage patterns. For instance recreational fishers are more likely to fish in close proximity of access points whereas commercial fishers (deliberately or otherwise) tended to reduce the level of spatial competition by fishing away from the main access points early in the season and reduce or cease fishing over the Christmas/ New Year period when recreational effort was high.

    Recreational and commercial fishers recognised that competition within and between sectors was an issue and interestingly both considered that competition from recreational divers was an important issue despite the fact that the total catch by divers is low relative to pot catches from the study area.

date/time interval

  • November 1, 2011 - September 29, 2012