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  • Adams, Michelle   Researcher
    Laboratory of Brain and Cognition
    National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, USA
  • Barber, Richard   Researcher
    Marine Laboratory
    Duke University, Beaufort, USA
  • Binns, Jonathan  Associate Professor
  • Bowie, Andrew  Associate Professor
    Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS)
  • Bucher, Dirk   Researcher
    The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience
    University of Florida, Florida, USA
  • Bull, Stuart  University Associate
  • Byrnes, Jarrett  Researcher
    University of Massachusetts, Boston USA
  • Cartledge, M.F.   Researcher
    Mississippi University, Mississippi, USA
  • Carver, Scott  Researcher
  • Chang, Zhaoshan   Researcher
  • Charlesworth, Jac  Research Fellow
  • Chase, Zanna   Researcher
  • Chérubin, Laurent  Researcher
    Division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
    Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
    University of Miami
  • Danyushevsky, Leonid  Professor
  • Day, Gerald   Researcher
    Hydraulic Research Lab, National Weather Service
    Silver Spring, USA
  • Edmonds, Penelope   Associate Professor
  • Fanning, Shane   Researcher
    Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology
    Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon, USA
  • Franklin, Jerry   Professor of Ecosystem Analysis
    College of Forest Resources
    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
  • Freeman, Aaren   Researcher
    Adelphi University, USA
  • Hilborn, Ray   Researcher
    University of Washington, USA
  • Hill, Kelly   Researcher
    Psychiatry Service, Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Centre
    Department of Psychiatry
    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Ohio, USA
  • Hunter, John  University Associate
  • Jacobs, Jan  Visiting Professor
    Business and Economics
  • Johnson, Ladd Erik  Researcher
    Marine Science Institute
    University of California, USA
  • Lockwood, Dale  Researcher
    Biology Department
    Colorado State University, USA
  • Lockwood, Jeffrey  Researcher
    Department of Philosophy
    University of Wyoming, USA
  • Magnussen, Costan  Researcher
  • McKenzie, Brent   Researcher
    Schering-Plough BioPharma
    DNAX Discovery Research, California, USA
  • Mitchell, Bridget   Researcher
    Departments of Pathology and Molecular Microbiology and Immunology and the Oregon National Primate Research Centre
    Oregon Health Science University, Oregon, USA
  • Novak, Mark  Researcher
    University of Chicago, USA
  • Rassweiler, Andrew  Researcher
    Marine Science Institute
    University of California, USA
  • Sala, Enric  Researcher
    Explorer in Residence
    National Geographic Society
  • Shoemaker, F.C.   Researcher
    Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
  • Shugart, Herman  Researcher
    Department of Environmental Sciences
    University of Virginia, USA
  • Steneck, Robert  Researcher
    School of Marine Sciences
    University of Maine, USA
  • Stringham, Tamzen  Researcher
    Department of Animal Biotechnology
    University of Nevada-Reno USA
  • Tamplin, Mark   Professor
  • Washington-Allen, Robert  Researcher
    Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
    Texam A&M University
  • Werner, Patricia  Professor
    Charles Darwin University
    Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU
    Formerly University of Florida, USA

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